School Year Reflection

Middle school has been the best three school years ever for me. When I had entered I was just overcoming a learning disorder known as disgraphia. I made things very difficult for me by slowing down my writing speed and making it more difficult to put my thoughts on paper. Sixth grade made me more confident in my work and I didn’t second guess my self as much. Mr. Fil’s support helped me gain the confidence. Seventh grade helped me gain leadership. I had a lot of group projects and had to take initiative, help organize the group, and figure out who was doing what.

Eighth grade put all of the skills to the test. I also learned how to do proper presentations and how to look at things from a different angle. My teachers (especially Mr. Bogush) helped me break from my box. Mr. Scursso helped me look at equations like a puzzle, Mrs. Deleon Helped me broaden my knowledge of language and, thus, change how I speak and write, Mr. Nagel helped me to analyze data better and understand what I was working with, and Mr. Bogush Helped me to get inside the heads of the people in history. I am very grateful for the help and support throughout the year!


The Election System of America Without Electoral College

The USA would be a different place if we elected the preseident without Electoral College. In effect we would have to change the requirements for being able to vote. The new requirements for voting should be the voter must be at the age of twenty. This is because every vote counts now. We are no longer electing sepratley by state but simply through exactly wht the people want. Thus we can’t afford to have the yonger voters simply casting a ballto at random without thinking. We must have more ressponcable people in control of who is getting elected. This is why we should have the voting requirements be the voter must be 20 years old to vote without the Electoral College.

An Explanation

The last post I wrote was very strange to say the least. I did this to see what people would do: be truthful or be nice. Of all (insert # of comments shown below “Let’s Be Serious“) of the comments that I received the majority of people were truthful. This helps me with my writing. I now know that the general “public” will be totally honest in there opinion of my blogging. A special thanks to rhiauna06 for her totally honest opinion and for being the first one to comment on the post! Whatch for those types of posts; I will make more and you will hear an explanation eventually.

Let’s Be Serious

Now then, let’s be serious about the following post being  totally unimportant and a complete waste of time the reader’s time. If you’re not willing to do so, then I suggest that you take your business elsewhere. For all of you who have enough time to waste and are reading on, I want your completely honest opinion on how much of your time I have wasted and if I even wasted your time. If it was not, this has been a waste of my time and not yours, I suppose. But on the other hand if my goal is to waste someone’s time then I am wasting my time right now because no one out there is really going to have the heart to tell me that I have wasted their time. Then again I asked them to so those who don’t have the heart will be the ones who do tell me just to make me feel good. Hold on, I’ve just thoroughly confused myself, and most likely you…. I’ve got it now! In the end it came down to the reader shall be courteous and respect my wishes, and tell me how much of thier time, if any, I wasted. Okay, how did I do?

Democracy: The Perfect Plan

Democracy is the idea of “power to the people”, as opposed to the republic where the people are represented by elected senators. It originated from the Greek city-state of Athens, where it was the closest government to a true democracy so far. They believed that the people should have control of the government. Unfortunately, the true democracy wasn’t ever actually completed. Only citizens were aloud to vote and women and slaves weren’t granted citizenship. It is really the idea of everyone joining in politics, or at least having full opportunity to. The public must vote on everything without any one doing the deciding for them. A true democracy has not yet come around and most likely won’t. There are certain issues that could cause a true democracy to totally colapse in the present. For example, it wouldn’t be good to have the general public to vote on going to war. They would vote through emotion, while polititains are studied profesionals who will not put there emotions first, but the well being of the country. Othe issues like this could cripple and demolish countries running on democracy. Meanwhile, there are democracy lookalikes, such as parliamentary and republican. These opperate much like a democracy, but still have there difference. That is democracy: the “perfect plan”.


Wikipedia- “Democracy”

Lecture at Hilla University for Humanistic Studies- “What is Democracy”

Judgement Day

Do you define a person by their actions or intentions?

To properly define someone you first must look to their intentions. If you judge them entirely by there actions then  not see what they really want to do you meant to do. When looking at their intentions  you see what was supposed to happen. There are an infinite number of mechanical things that can occur and throw off the resulting action, but this doesn’t the idea and the actual purpose of their action. You can have good intentions and no actions, good intentions and good actions, and good intentions and bad actions, but at the end of the day it all works down to the intentions are the most important.

Ten Things That I Want To Do By The Time I’m… Dead … (sounds a little harsh)

I was just tagged by Rachel and charged with the task of writing this post. Once again, when I really think about the title it seems just a tad bit gruesome. Anyway these are the 10 things that I wish to do by the time I’ve… kicked the bucket, become no more, ceased to be:

#1: Visit the countries of Italy, Ireland, and the UK

#2: Make Eagle Scout

#3: Become a forensic scientist for a federal agency (ex: FBI, NCIS, etc.)

#4: Write a book

#5: Graduate from college

#6: Win an official tennis match (in a tournament or something like that)

#7: See a wild Bald Eagle

#8: Make an important discovery

#9: Own a husky (they’re one of my favorite dogs)

#10: Die…

Well thats it! I shall now pass on the legacy to the following:





Inaugural Speech

Citizens of the USA, I stand before you today because of your faith in me. I have you and the whole nation to thank you for my victory. And just as I promised you during my campaign, the changes start here. As soon as possible I will put my plan to remove the troops into motion. In the mean time you can be assured that the war is going well over in the Middle East. We have no reason to fear the terrorists. There is nothing to fear now; not even fear itself. We have the upper hand in this war because we are fighting for something that means everything to us: Freedom. Every one deserves it just as much as us.

You have been doing a lot for your country in the past years, so it’s time that the country finally does a little more for you. Wind, tidal, solar, and bio energy will be used to power as many buildings a possible. Schools and universities will be upgraded the sake of the future generation’s. All of these aspects of my plan together will finally solve the biggest problem that we have. The economy will finally stat to rebuild itself and we will finally be at ease. Know this America: before these four short years are up, I will have fixed the majority of these problems, or taken a good swing at it. But I need your full confidence to do so. Thank you, and God Bless America!


The quality of my life is determined by the quality of my life. This is because I find to much decides on the quality of my life. My thinking, education, physical abilities, work, and much more determine the quality of my life. There is balance in my life. I don’t let a single factor take over all of it. It seems foolish to do so. Thus the quality of my life is determined by the quality of my life!

A Resolution

In the coming 2009 I plan to make a difference. I Resolve to make a difference to other through my actions. I will be kinder, more thoughtful and a better person. No one is a bad person, but I simply wish to make a bit of  a difference to the kid who no one talks too. I plan to make at l difference to a least one person in the year to come. This is what I resolve to do.